Assistant housekeeping manager, Aline

How Disney Cruise Line Housekeepers Make You Feel at Home

Our housekeepers do amazing work all around the world, but if you have ever been on a Disney Cruise Line vacation, you know the relationship with your stateroom host or hostess is unique.

Assistant housekeeping manager, Aline Minuti, knows her team’s services often go beyond what people may expect when they think of housekeeping.

“We host the guest, we inform the guest, we entertain the guest,” Aline said.

Whether it’s a towel animal, thoughtful recommendations or a magically transformed stateroom after an exciting day of exploring – the housekeeping crew takes extra care to make sure each stateroom is a welcomed sight at any moment of the day.

The housekeeping crew members not only make magic every day in our guests’ rooms, but they also sprinkle pixie dust throughout the ship. Ever wondered who keeps the pool decks, hallways, décor, curtains and glass so shining, shimmering, splendid?

“I don’t feel like we do this anywhere else,” Aline said. “When I tell people I work for Disney Cruise Line, they already assume I’m great at what I do, and I think we are. We are really great at what we do.”