Three Cast Members pose with toys being donated.

‘Give a Toy Share the Love’ at Hong Kong Disneyland

As a young girl, my parents and I visited a local orphanage every year during the holiday season to learn about the importance of giving back to those who were less fortunate than we were. Each year, I would go through my Christmas presents and choose a gift to give to a child during our visit. I always found this to be the most meaningful part of the season.

Looking back, this experience fostered empathy in me and helped mold me into a more caring person. I’m proud to say this annual childhood tradition also proved to be valuable training to take on the role of project lead for this year’s “Give a Toy Share the Love” Christmas Toy Donation drive at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

While Hong Kong Disneyland Resort always commits to donating presents to children from local nonprofits, we knew this campaign could elevate even further thanks to the magic of our cast members. For the first time ever, the campaign is a one-plus-one toy donation. For every present donated by a cast member, the resort donates another! It’s such a fantastic opportunity for our cast to get involved in creating more magic and spreading love to the local community this holiday season.

Cast Members pose with toys being donated.

In addition to donating presents, our Disney VoluntEARS will also take part in a fun wrapping event to provide a festive sendoff for these tokens of love. I’m sure our Disney VoluntEARS will all agree that working together with others during the holiday season for such a meaningful cause really warms the heart. This event will not only bring our cast together, but also be a magical team effort for all to remember in the years to come.

Our target for this holiday season is to donate thousands of presents to 18 nonprofits in the local community, specifically serving children with serious illnesses and those with educational needs.

“Give a Toy Share the Love” reminds me of my childhood practice and brings me back to my roots of providing love and care to those in need — especially during the holiday season. I am proud to be able to be a part of such a meaningful cause as part of one global team — knowing that the spirit of giving exists around the world with our friends over at Disneyland Paris engaged in their own toy donation event to children in need just a few weeks ago. And if you happen to be in the U.S., you can also take part in the Disney Ultimate Toy Drive, which continues a 75-year tradition of helping the Marine Toys for Tots program deliver toys, hope and joy to children in need during the holiday season.

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