Disney Cast Member Journey For the Perfect DOLE Whip

Imagine, you’re walking through our Disney Parks on a warm summer day. What is the one thing that would be perfect to cool you down, beat the heat and satisfy your sweet tooth? If you answered DOLE Whip, you’re in good company. It’s no secret the DOLE Whip has become a staple of many Disney vacations since introduced in the 80s and today there are more ways to experience DOLE Whip than ever before! But behind every DOLE Whip, there is a DOLE “whipper” and I took the opportunity of DOLE Whip Day to ask the question and embark on the journey of: what makes the perfect DOLE Whip?

“It’s in the wrist,” Alexander Santiago shares. I watched as he skillfully built a DOLE Whip Flight at Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs. Alexander is a master of the craft, his favorite part of the role is “the art of making all the offerings,” he goes on to share. “I get really excited when we get new items…it just comes naturally.

But while the art is exciting, it’s the heart of the experience that guests come for. “Some people are just trying to get away from life, some people come here to forget their life problems – when you get to help someone out and make them feel better, that’s the best part of any day.”

Mina Carrizales shares a similar sentiment. “The guests always put a smile on my face…they come for the DOLE Whip! Walking up in the merch fully decked out from head to toe!”

At any point in the day, Mina could be doing a variety of tasks, from getting product to refilling machines, checking on stock and even getting to be the cast member creating their favorite frozen treat. “It takes a lot of teamwork, and everyone does their part,” she says of her fellow cast at Swirls on the Water, “this team makes work not even feel like a job.”

Leading the fearless team this afternoon is Sarah Nehring, today’s Coordinator. “The teamwork that goes into our location is really awesome,” Sarah says. Every day she leads the cast with a focus on how everyone is doing. “I love working with our cast. I go around and make sure to ask everyone ‘How are you feeling today?’ or ‘How can I help you out?’”

Across the country at The Tropical Hideaway in Disneyland park, Meech Long, a self-proclaimed “Master DOLE Whipper” shares her secret for the perfect DOLE Whip. “It’s the little kiss. You have to kiss it on the top when making it.” Meech demonstrates the “kiss” and I can see what she means. The way the DOLE Whip falls perfectly into place at the top as you gently finish the frozen goodness as the last bit comes out to the top of the machine. “That’s the perfect little whip,” she says.

“It’s really fun,” Meech says of working in the “coolest” place in Adventureland. “I get to experience a lot of families coming in and enjoying their time. Older to younger, just seeing them have that Disney magical experience.”

Every journey no matter how delicious it may be must come to an end. As I look back, I’ve truly learned there is no one right way to make the perfect DOLE Whip. Yes, everyone has their own take and technique all resulting in success. However, the one consistent theme I could find from East to West with each cast member I spoke to is that the perfect DOLE Whip has a lot of heart from the first swirl to the kiss at the top.

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