Celebrating National Intern Day at Disney Institute and National Geographic Live

Our cast members have a reason to be celebrated every day of the year, but today is extra special as we shine a light on the future leaders of the world and our company. We recognize their dedication and commitment to making magic daily in our parks and behind-the-scenes: our interns!

Today is National Intern Day and we’re thrilled to honor those who help drive our business forward, offering their fresh perspectives and insights to a variety of roles and disciplines across the company. We had the pleasure of speaking with the Marketing Strategy Professional Intern for Disney Institute and National Geographic Live, Cammy Park, to learn what makes her role and experience so special as she builds upon the skills she learned studying advertising with a minor in hospitality management at Florida State University over the next several months!

“My favorite things about working for the company are the connections I’m able to foster over the next several months, the career advancement opportunities available to me, and support from my leaders and colleagues. From day one, I have felt like I am part of the team and not like an outsider looking in – I’ve never had all of that before in one place. Everyone has been supportive of my professional development and has been helpful with any questions I throw their way.”

As part of the job, Cammy gets the unique ability to wear any one of four name tags on a daily basis. “Whether it’s Nat Geo, Disney Institute, our 50th Anniversary Celebration or Disney Parks, it’s fun to have the rare chance to celebrate so many iconic brands at work, depending on where I’m at for the day.”

Her most memorable experience so far has been attending Disney Institute’s in-person professional development course, Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, and meeting graduation Mickey. “I didn’t know what to expect because I’m so new to my career, but I went in with an open mind and learned so much. Quality service isn’t just about giving something spectacular to guests or a coworker in your life, but it’s about knowing the intentionality behind everything that we do. Seeing how organizations can apply our insights to their own lines of work was inspiring and made the lightbulbs in my head go off.”

When she is not diving into data to help the businesses focus on reorienting and enhancing their marketing strategies or learning more about National Geographic Explorers that take to America’s highways and share their awe-inspiring stories, Cammy gets to enjoy park hopping and fun cast events. “It’s so nice to be able to experience a park after work or on the weekends. Even though I work for the company it doesn’t ruin the magic for me, it enhances it.”

“I’m a lifelong learner and that is what I aspire to be. Working in my role allowed me to start my career within a company I have such a strong affinity for as a consumer and enables me to research and dive into quite a few areas.”