Florida Affordable Housing: What you need to know about Disney World’s Development

Walt Disney World is dedicating nearly 80 acres of land for a new housing community in Central Florida.  In collaboration with a renowned developer, The Michaels Organization, we envision a place where cost-burdened renters can focus on their personal growth and prosperity by gaining access to affordable housing.  As work continues, here is what you need to know about this important project that will make a lasting positive impact for residents in Central Florida.

What is the affordable housing project?

Disney World is dedicating 80 acres of land towards the development in which The Michaels Organization will build and operate a new and affordable housing development. This community will be located just a few miles away from the Magic Kingdom, near schools and shopping, including FLAMINGO CROSSINGS Town Center.

When will this community open?

Groundbreaking on this development is targeted for 2024, with the first units anticipated to be completed in 2026.

How many units will be available?

This housing community will include approximately 1,400 units of mixed income housing, with more than 1,000 of which will be reserved as affordable.

Who will live in this community?

The development, which is planned to be privately financed, will be limited to applicants within a certain income range. Information on how to apply for those who qualify will be shared by The Michaels Organization when available.

Will Disney cast members and employees live in this community?

The development will be available for qualifying applicants in the Central Florida region, including Disney cast members.

How long has Disney been working on this project?

Disney has been on the front line, supporting important causes in Florida for more than five decades. This initiative has been in the works for several years as the lack of affordable housing is affecting many people across our country, including those who live and work in Central Florida. This project is the right opportunity and the right time to take action.