Sumatran Tiger in the grass

Endangered Species to See at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Of the more than 300 different species at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, there are a variety now listed on the endangered species list.  Here is a look at five of these fascinating animals along with unique ways people can help protect them. More animals and tips can be found on Disney Parks Blog.

Sumatran Tiger

The most powerful predator in the jungle, the endangered Sumatran tiger, roams the Maharajah Jungle Trek at Animal Kingdom.  Like other species featured here, tigers live in the forest so individuals can help by making sure to recycle and print double-sided to help protect their habitats.

Western Lowland Gorilla

Western Lowland Gorilla

On Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail, guests can see two dynamic troops of endangered western lowland gorillas.  An Animal Kingdom resident since opening day, 43-year-old Gino leads the family troop. 

Gorillas rely heavily on forests for survival. Trees are often cut down to mine for minerals to make electronics. So by recycling electronics, individuals can help reduce the number of trees that get cut down and preserve the gorillas’ habitats. 

African Elephant

African elephants

For many guests, a favorite part of visiting Kilimanjaro Safaris is seeing the endangered African elephants including five-month old Corra and mom Nadirah. Both elephants were born at Animal Kingdom, making Corra the first second-generation elephant in the Park’s history.

Corra has a lot of familiar faces in her herd, as she is joined by her aunts and grandma Donna on the savanna. The adorable five-month-old loves exploring, splashing and discovering new ways to use her trunk. 

Guests can help protect elephants by buying eco-friendly, wildlife-friendly and by joining a conservation group. 

Painted Dogs

Painted Dogs

Painted dog packs can range from 2-27 and members of the same sex are closely related to each other, like the ones at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Right now, guests can see “The Brothers” on Kilimanjaro Safaris and even on “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom” streaming on Disney+.  

Painted dogs are known for being hierarchical and our pack is no different. This dynamic helps the species work together, making them some of the most successful hunters in Africa.  

We encourage individuals to support conservation organizations working to protect wildlife, like painted dogs, and their habitats. 

Vietnam Pheasant

Vietnam Pheasant

On Maharajah Jungle Trek at Animal Kingdom, visitors can find a group of stylish Vietnam pheasants. These colorful endangered birds have bright red skin around their eyes that pop like the sunset. 

This beautiful species can help keep small animal populations in check, so individuals should limit or reduce the use of pesticides to protect plants and animals like these ones. 

Keep checking the Disney Parks Blog for more stories like this and updates on how our dedicated veterinarians, animal keepers, and teams continue to deliver the best care to the animals in today’s story and to the 5,000 others across the resort.