Four cast members standing in front of a goofy's mystery tour sign

Disney Cast Ace Ultimate Trivia Competition

How many companies invite their employees to play, compete and have fun inside one of the world’s most popular theme parks after gates close? At Goofy’s Mystery Tour, the sharpest minds at Walt Disney World – our cast members – come together to join in the ultimate Disney trivia competition designed exclusively for them!

Goofy’s Mystery Tour is a cast member favorite and brings together hundreds of teams annually to decipher clues, solve intricate puzzles and participate in physical challenges throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park – all with the same goal of helping our pal Goofy and being crowned the winner as the clock strikes midnight.

And the best part? Cast members can invite family and friends and have the theme park all to themselves! Jeff Allen, a training manager, has participated in Goofy’s Mystery Tour year after year to claim the prize – pulling together a team, along with his wife Becky, as they compete for bragging rights and a moment in the spotlight with Goofy himself. 

Jeff has won the event twice in the competition’s over 30-year history with the help of Becky and his teammates Saudi Hernandez, a multimedia designer, and Elizabeth Bridgers, an analyst within Disney’s Marketing team.

“I’ve always enjoyed that it’s a fun celebration of being a cast member. It makes us feel valued because it’s exclusive just for us and it pulls from a ton of Disney nostalgia that I’m proud to know,” said Elizabeth

And this team of four Disney superfans take their preparation very seriously – playing board games and reading trivia – to help determine the team’s weaknesses and strengths. “This helps us see who’s going to be good at the puzzles, who can take care of the numbers, or who can help us with our speed,” said Jeff. 

But what makes this team more than a trivia powerhouse? It’s the friendship, bond and magical memories made while having fun during this unique #DisneyCastLife moment.  

Goofy’s Mystery Tour is just one of many cast events that take place each year at Walt Disney World. If you’re interested in working at The Most Magical Place on Earth, or know someone who is, visit and apply for a role today!

Do you have what it takes to be a Disney superfan like our cast members? Here’s a sample of the trivia the teams had to solve. Can you answer correctly?

  1. In the full-length animated feature Encanto, what phrase does Pepa chant over and over to calm herself down?
    a. Clear Skies
    b. Sunny Skies
    c. Calm Breeze
    d. Bright Suns

  2. Which 1990’s television sitcom was the first to go to a Disney Theme Park as part
    of the plotline?
    a. Full House
    b. Boy Meets World
    c. Blossom
    d. Family Matters

  3. What is the name of John’s dog at Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress attraction?
    a. Rex
    b. Duke
    c. Rover
    d. Buddy

Check your answers to see how you did!

  1. Clear Skies
  2. Blossom
  3. Rover