National Geographic Expeditions Announces 2023 Departure Dates to Breathtaking Destinations

From Signature Land Expeditions to River Cruises, travelers will be able to explore the world in a variety of ways, including a newly reimagined itinerary to Costa Rica focused on wildlife and conservation

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (Jan. 7, 2022) – National Geographic Expeditions announced new 2023 departure dates for their Signature Land, Private Expedition and River Cruise itineraries, including a reimagined trip, Costa Rica: Wildlife and Conservation. These exciting offerings will take travelers to destinations around the world along with knowledgeable National Geographic Experts or guides who will share their experiences.

“National Geographic Expeditions gives curious travelers unique access to some of the most coveted destinations across the globe. Our teams have created over 150 different ways to experience the culture, people and places that help shape us,” said Nancy Schumacher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of National Geographic Expeditions. “As we continue to develop meaningful itineraries alongside researchers, educators and scientists, travelers will experience legendary locations and authentic activities that will deepen their understanding of the world.”

Offering premium, fully planned itineraries, National Geographic Expeditions’ curated Signature Land trips boast a small group of 16-25 travelers and combine the best of exploration with an in-depth review of the history, culture, heritage and natural wildlife of a destination. National Geographic Expeditions’ 2023 Signature Land dates feature top itineraries including Patagonia, Egypt, India and Borneo. The enhanced eight-night, nine-day expedition to Costa Rica includes seven departure dates through May. Costa Rica: Wildlife and Conservation leads travelers through the country’s rich biodiversity and conservation efforts. During this trip, explorers will visit wetlands and tropical rainforests where they may see sloths, monkeys, birds, frogs and more in their natural habitat; visit a family-run coffee, cacao and sugarcane plantation; join researchers at the Monteverde Institute to participate in cloud forest conservation projects; and journey to the Leatherback Turtle Trust to learn about monitoring turtles. Travelers will also stay in four different accommodations, each of which are chosen for their exceptional quality, location and character. National Geographic Expert, Vanessa Bezy, a National Geographic Society grantee, marine biologist and wildlife conservationist, will also join select departures to share her passion for conservation.

National Geographic River Cruises take travelers to grand cities, forgotten villages and the endless countryside all while exploring some of Europe’s most historic waterways aboard world-class ships with AmaWaterways, a premier luxury river cruise line. Each departure is accompanied by a National Geographic Expert—such as a historian, author or archaeologist—who gives presentations on board and accompanies travelers on daily included excursions, and a National Geographic Photographer who offers professional tips on technique and artistry to help voyagers capture incredible moments.

Complete with a curated itinerary designed by the National Geographic Expeditions team, Private Expeditions give travelers exclusive opportunities to explore extraordinary places with their chosen companions on their preferred dates. Private Expedition destinations include Egypt, Peru, Morocco, Ecuador and China. A full list of private expeditions is available here.

Bookings for additional 2023 Signature Land, Private Expedition and River Cruise itineraries open to the public on Jan. 13, 2022. For additional information about itineraries, online reservations and early booking criteria, please visit Guests who are eligible for early booking can also call 888-966-8687 directly to book their expedition.