Disney Wish Granting

The Disney Wish Program is a collaboration between the Disneyland® Resort and approved nonprofit wish granting organizations that make wishes come true for children with critical illnesses.

Organization Application

Wish Granting Organizations

Organizations who are interested in registering with the Disneyland Resort as an approved wish granting organization must meet the following requirements:

Must be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, in good standing and verifiable in Guidestar.
Must have stated mission to grant wishes to children who have experienced critical illnesses.
Must only grant “first wishes.” Organizations that grant “second wishes” are not eligible.
The child must be between the ages of two and a half and 18 years old at the time the request is submitted.
The child’s primary wish must be to visit the Disneyland® Resort. The wish must be unprompted and expressly requested by the child as part of the question “What is your Wish?”
A Medical Authorization Form from the child’s physician must be submitted with the initial request.

About the Program

Through our Disney Wish program, we fulfill first wishes referred by approved nonprofit wish-granting organizations that make wishes come true for children, ages two and a half to 18 years old, with critical illnesses. All wish requests must be submitted through a recognized and registered nonprofit wish-granting organization.