Disneyland Resort Cast Couple Embarks on Dream Honeymoon to Every Disney Park Around the World in 24 Days

For Donald Isbell and Nika Ogden, two cast members from Disneyland Resort, their mutual passion for Disney wasn’t the only reason they fell in love. However, it was the reason that inspired them to pack their bags and visit every Disney Park around the world… in 24 days. 

Donald, a workforce data solutions analyst, met Nika, an Adventureland cast member, three years ago. After making countless dreams come true for guests and saying “I do” on April 6, 2024, Donald and Nika set off to make their own dream honeymoon come true.

Donald and Nika cruise up to the Disneyland Hotel in style after their wedding reception on April 6.

One wedding, three continents, and 24 days was all it took for Donald and Nika to visit every Disney Park around the world for the ultimate Disney experience. From complimentary admission to nearly every Disney Park, dining discounts, hotel discounts, merchandise discounts and fellow cast member magic, the couple credits their uniquely Disney cast member perks as one of the main catalysts that helped them to celebrate their nuptials in such a special way.

“It wouldn’t have happened without Disney. We are getting a honeymoon far beyond anything that we could have imagined,” shared Donald ahead of their travels.

Donald and Nika showcasing their gifts from Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons.

The global journey began hours after the couple’s wedding, where the newlyweds kicked off their celebration at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. To make their day even more special, Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons stepped in to create some magical moments for the cast member pair. 

“The [Disney Fairytale Weddings] surprises were the absolute best kickoff for the adventure that was about begin right after the wedding,” shared Donald a few days after returning home from their trip.

The honeymoon park hopping began the very next morning right in Donald and Nika’s backyard. The two cast members set out on a mission to ride all the major Disneyland Resort attractions that are also found at other parks around the world. From Space Mountain to Jungle Cruise, Donald and Nika were determined to do it all.

Donald and Nika smile for a selfie in front of Jungle River Cruise in Hong Kong Disneyland.

“I’m so excited to ride all of the Jungle Cruise [attractions],” shared Nika before leaving on their honeymoon. “As a Jungle Cruise skipper, to be able to say that I’ve been on all the Jungle Cruise [attractions] around the world is so cool. And I get to lead one back in California!”

Disney Ambassadors Jada and Raul congratulate the couple and send them off with a special bon voyage at Sleeping Beauty Castle on April 7.

In appreciation of the couple’s dedication to making magic, Disney Ambassadors of Disneyland Resort Jada Young and Raul Aquino Rojas met with Nika and Donald on the first day of their honeymoon in Disneyland park. The Disney Ambassadors celebrated the couple with a hand-delivered note from Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock, congratulating the couple on their big day and wished them safe travels ahead. 

From there, Donald and Nika set off for a jam-packed three weeks of travels, visiting Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris and Orlando while soaking up every bit of Disney magic each experience had to offer.

Donald and Nika explore a number of Disney Park offerings around the world.

From making Winnie the Pooh shaped dim sum in a Disney cooking class at Hong Kong Disneyland, to viewing the “Disney Electrical Sky Parade” with over 500 drones at Disneyland Paris, to experiencing the Behind the Seeds tour in the Living with the Land attraction at EPCOT at Walt Disney World Resort, Donald and Nika had the opportunity to make one-of-a-kind memories while truly getting to know cast members in all parts of the globe. The couple was also greeted with a personal note from Walt Disney World Resort President Jeff Vahle in Orlando, congratulating them on their special celebration. 

“Every time we saw a cast member, it’s like we met our friends in other places,” explained Donald. “Even if we don’t speak the same language, or we don’t work the same attractions, or even at the same park, everybody’s coming to Disney for the same thing. We’re all still cast members.”

Donald and Nika smile with the Disney Global Ambassador teams at each resort.

To make Donald and Nika’s celebration extra special, the Disney Global Ambassador team united worldwide to show the couple each Disney Park through the eyes of a fellow cast member. With some Disney Ambassador magic, Donald and Nika experienced all that World of Frozen in Hong Kong has to offer, explored the Castle Club at the Disneyland Hotel in Paris, shared heartfelt conversations with all the Disney Ambassadors and so much more alongside their newest friends.  

“Meeting [Disney Ambassadors Serena and Shannon] in Orlando was really cool,” said Donald. “We had a heart-to-heart where we walked down [Main Street, U.S.A.] and talked about careers and the different things we experienced at each park. They’re both wonderful people and had [many] kind words for us.”

For this cast couple, their wedding and 24-days of theme park magic is just the start of how their lives will continue to grow with Disney.

“I think just by becoming a cast member, I realized all of the opportunities that were available to me. Being able to have this job that also allows me to explore my passions is something I can feel good about,” said Nika. “I really like baking so I asked, ‘How can I do that at Disney someday?’ because I know that I like working there and I know that I like the people. Then I was looking into the [Disney] Aspire program and going ‘Okay, if I wanted to go back to school, [Disney] Aspire is there.’”

Donald and Nika capture their memories on camera at each Disney Park.

With a camera roll full of memories and hearts filled with love, Donald and Nika shared that the magic Disney made for them on their honeymoon journey truly made it an extraordinary trip. They assure that this is just the start of continuing to make dreams come true as cast members and together as couple for a lifetime.

Donald and Nika celebrate the final few hours of their wedding day at the
Disneyland Hotel on April 6.