Where’s My Water? Gets All-New Levels of the Week for Free

Starting today, players of Where’s My Water? can look forward to a brand-new level featuring Swampy, Cranky and the Mystery Duck every week for free! That means three new chances to get squeaky clean every single week. Fans will need to check back often though as once levels are gone, they could be gone for good!

To play the levels, make sure you have the updated version of the App from the App Store.  Then, from the main menu, swipe to the left to see the all-new Levels of the Week, and swipe to the right to return to all of the Swampy, Cranky and Mystery Duck portals. If you’re new to Where’s My Water?, make sure to play your first Swampy level so that the exclusive Levels of the Week can kick in!

Quick! – Find Where’s My Water at the App Store before you miss any of the fun!