Joins Forces with Google Search to Introduce Star Wars Answer Cards

Star Wars is the First Fictional Universe to Become Part of Google’s Knowledge Graph

Just in time for May the Fourth, Disney Interactive, Lucasfilm, and Google are making Star Wars information even more accessible and fun to discover.

The world of Star Wars is now available in Google’s Answer Cards from Google’s Knowledge Graph. Star Wars is the first fictional world to be brought into Google’s Knowledge Graph, which launched in 2012 and also answers questions about millions of people, places, and things in the real world. The Google Knowledge Graph offers official Star Wars information directly from’s Databank (, the official encyclopedia of hundreds of Star Wars facts.

Google now lets fans search easily on mobile and on the web for official details about Star Wars characters and will continue to expand the Star Wars universe within Google Search. All of the information is presented “in-world,” letting fans truly immerse themselves in the Star Wars universe as they search.

Now you can just ask your Google mobile app: “Ok Google, who is Luke’s father?” or “Who is Jabba the Hutt?” and get an instant answer. (As a bonus, when you ask Google your question by voice, you don’t need to worry about your spelling.)

Head to Google now to start exploring the galaxy far, far, away with inquiries such as:

  • Who is Darth Vader?
  • Who is R2-D2?
  • Darth Vader’s weapon

As the Star Wars franchise prepares for an exciting new era, is the first source for the latest Star Wars film, television, and video game news. Disney Interactive and the teams will continue to update the Databank as new characters and items are brought into the world of Star Wars.

Fans can also learn more about Star Wars by visiting or following Star Wars on: