Shanghai Disney Resort Named 2018 Most Attractive Employer of China

Shanghai Disney Resort has been awarded two awards by Universum: (1) 2018 Most Attractive Employer of China, and (2) the #1 2018 Most Attractive Employer of China in the tourism, hospitality and leisure activities.

Honorees for the awards are based on responses from approximately 60,000 students, invited by Universum to evaluate more than 200 employers and respond to questions about their career preferences and employment expectations. “China’s Most Attractive Employers” span industries including engineering, business, natural sciences and others.

The legendary guest service that Disney is known for would not be possible without cast members around the world, with over 10,000 at Shanghai Disney Resort alone. In support of these incredible cast members, Shanghai Disney Resort has implemented numerous programs to enrich their personal and professional lives. From an Employee Assistance Program providing mentorship opportunities to the Be-Well initiative that introduces lectures, group activities and more tips for building healthier lifestyles, Shanghai Disney Resort is dedicated to creating a fulfilling and varied atmosphere for cast across the resort.