New Guide to Wishing Star Park Brings Children and Families More Fun and Engaging Ways to Explore Nature in the Park

SHANGHAI (October 20, 2017) – In the lead-up to the Third Shanghai International Nature Conservation Week starting October 21, the “Wishing Star Park Nature Book”, a self-guided nature-walk book featuring Shanghai Disney Resort’s magical natural environment, Wishing Star Park, was officially launched today. Published by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) China and supported by Shanghai Disney Resort, the book is designed to give families with young children a better understanding and knowledge of this natural habitat, and guide their exploration while immersing them in nature. The launch of the book was celebrated through a ceremony at Shanghai Disney Resort earlier today, joined by leadership from Shanghai Disney Resort and WWF China.

“As part of The Walt Disney Company’s strong commitment to encouraging children and families to enjoy nature together, we have been working with WWF China even before we welcomed our first guests last year to develop this guide to Wishing Star Park,” said Murray King, vice president of public affairs, Shanghai Disney Resort. “We designed and developed this beautiful wetland in Shanghai for families to enjoy and spend time together, and to inspire children and their families, cultivate their lifetime value of environment protection and encourage more efforts in protecting the earth we all share.”

Wishing Star Park, a 500,000-square-meter recreational area with restored wetlands along the central lake’s shoreline and more than 2.5 kilometers of pathways through open woodlands and shrublands along the lake’s edge, evokes the native landscape and historic legacy of the Yangtze River Delta. Located in Shanghai Disney Resort and adjacent to Shanghai Disneyland, Disneytown and Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, Wishing Star Park creates a living ecosystem, providing a natural environment for plants, animals, fish and birds – more than 70 bird species have been monitored in the park.

By following the exploration guidance provided in the Wishing Star Park Nature Book, families and children will have a better understanding of the diversified natural ecosystem, as well as the environmental-friendly designs that have been considered since the park’s early development stage.

The book is one of the three self-guided books that WWF China has been developing in the past three years, with others featuring Meng Qing Garden in Shanghai’s Putuo District and Tai Lake areas in China’s Jiangsu Province respectively.

“WWF China is dedicated in supporting China’s environmental education by leveraging our global experiences and resources,” said Yong Yi, senior manager of environmental education, WWF China. “The nature book series is one of our commitments to achieve this mission. We are grateful to collaborate with Disney, who developed this wonderful place for not only the guests, but also the plants and animals, setting a leading example in creating balanced ecosystem. By presenting this book, we hope more children in China will be immersed in the nature as well as the Disney magic.”

The book features eight chapters and covers different aspects of Wishing Star Park, including soil, water, plants, birds, insects, butterflies, the rose garden, wetlands, and conservation at Wishing Star Lake, will be the best guide for guests to explore the area. The four main characters featured in the book – young parents and their children – will take the readers a trip to explore the wonders in the park. Starting today, the book will be sold at the merchandise store at Shanghai Disneyland Hotel, selected kiosks at the entrance of Wishing Star Park, and other traditional book sales channels. A shortened version for younger children will also be available to download for free on the official website of WWF China.