Spend the Holidays Beneath the Sea in ‘Nemo’s Reef’

As a final gift for you just before the holidays hit, Disney Mobile Games is launching Nemo’s Reef, a brand new underwater builder set in the world of the Disney • Pixar animated film, Finding Nemo.

Nemo’s Reef invites players to join Nemo and his friends, Dory, Gill, Bubbles and more, as they continue their story beneath the sea. Discover rare seed and plant combinations that lure the most mysterious ocean creatures, and uncover which design creations delight Nemo’s friends. Nemo’s Reef also lets players visit their own friends’ coral reefs, and compare each other’s unique fish collections.

Nemo’s Reef brings Nemo to the mobile platform with beautiful graphics, mechanics modeled after authentic coral reef ecosystems, and story moments from the film – making it a must-have for Nemo fans of all ages.  So whether you’ll spend the holidays with your family or Nemo’s, come take the plunge into the reef, now available for free on the App Store at http://bit.ly/W3iVXsand Google Play at http://bit.ly/W3iVXs