Join the Scare Games in the Disney Mobile Game ‘Monsters University’ based on the film from Disney•Pixar!

Disney Mobile Games unleashed the Scare Games from Monsters University, based on the movie from DisneyPixar that hits theaters today. Start the school year with Mike in Monsters University by catching Archie the Scare Pig, and becoming the ultimate scarer!  Launching with two level-based mini games, Catch Archie and Toxicity Challenge, players are in for a wild run through the MU campus!

Players join Mike to Catch Archie and get a hold of the rival school Fear Tech’s precious mascot in this endless running game. Chase after Archie in 30 exciting stages while going for the high score.

In Toxicity Challenge, players begin their entry into the Scare Games as they race against the clock, to get through the sewers before time runs out. In this scare game event players need to watch out for the stinging glow urchins that will sting and slow the runner down throughout all 30 stages.

Players can choose between three of their favorite monsters, Mike, Sulley, and Squishy. As they level up special power-ups are unlocked and unique collectible Scare Cards are revealed. Additional mini-game Scare Games and new playable characters to come soon with free updates.

Monsters University is now available for $.99 on the App Store here and Google Play here. You can also check out the game trailer below!