Go “Big Game Hunting in Latest Chapter of ‘Star Wars: Commander’

Continuing the storyline from the previous two chapters, in Chapter 10 “Big Game Hunting” of the hit mobile game Star Wars: Commander, Johhar is interested in hunting on Tatooine. In exchange for the use of his influence, connections and abilities, players will need to assist Johhar in bagging the big kills.


Johhar begins the hunt against small critters such as the Womp Rats, Banthas, and Dewbacks across Tatooine. During the travels, he discovers a crashed ship that contained a Rancor and goes looking for it across several locations before finally cornering and killing it. The entire Chapter culminates in an epic battle with a Krayt dragon that has attacked the player’s based while they have been away. Player’s will also need to defend their base against Jabba’s mercenaries who attack at the same time in retribution for killing the Rancor.

Throughout this trek across the planet, against a variety of enemies, players will get a taste of Johhar’s abilities, deploying him as a hero unit that is able to target and destroy single units.

Star Wars: Commander is available on the App Store and Google Play.