First Details of Wreck-It Ralph Mobile Game Revealed

Today, at San Francisco’s Premier Theater, video game journalists were treated to a preview of the upcoming Wreck-It Ralph game from Disney Mobile, along with an exclusive screening of the movie.

In a Q&A panel session with the director, producer and writer of the Wreck-It Ralph film, Jim Molinets, Vice President of Disney Mobile, also unveiled the first details about upcoming mobile game. He explained how Wreck-It Ralph’s arcade universe was a perfect fit for a new mobile gaming experience.

Disney Mobile’s Wreck-It Ralph game for iOS and Android devices will reimagine the classic arcade universe to include both nostalgic players and new audiences discovering these types of games for the first time. In the game, players get to experience Ralph’s adventures for themselves as they hop through three mini-game worlds ramped up with renewed graphics, gameplay and animation.

Players launch from the Game Central Station and on to the 8-bit graphic Fix-It Felix, Jr., the explosive Hero’s Duty, and the dizzyingly fizzy Sweet Climber – all of which figure in the original film. Set to launch on November 1, the game is a new interaction with the old-school games of decades past.