Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Launches Web Experience

Disney Interactive and Individual Software teamed up to release Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Web – an online typing program designed to teach children ages 6 to 12 typing skills. The program is available for home use and as a multi-user license for schools and organizations.

In the program, Mickey Mouse takes users on a journey through the magical world of Typelandia, where strange things have been happening. A mysterious enchantment has taken over the land and the only way to rescue Mickey and his friends is for kids to type their way all the way to the Palace. There they will discover the source of the magical spell and become the hero of this story.

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Web follows a proven educational design that helps children achieve Common Core Standards in keyboarding. Each typing lesson introduces the keys to be learned while an on-screen animation demonstrates which fingers correctly correspond to the keys. At the end of the lesson, the program displays detailed results, such as words per minute and accuracy percentage. After players have learned new keys, they’re presented with a typing challenge to reinforce their knowledge. Kids are motivated to do well because each challenge brings them closer to breaking the enchantment.

Players can take a break from the adventure at any point to play typing games in the Village Arcade, using keys they have learned in their completed lessons. Once they are done with all typing lessons, they gain access to the Faire, unlocking more typing games. Children can practice typing at the Library with excerpts from favorite Disney stories, such as Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and more.

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure Web can be accessed online, any time and any place. To begin their typing adventure, users can visit www.disneymickeystyping.com and sign up for a weekly ($3.99), monthly ($6.99), quarterly ($14.99), or annual ($29.99) subscription. Educators interested in a multi-user license can visit review.disneymickeystyping.com for a 30-day free trial of the typing program and the Premium Management Center for schools and school districts. It features tools for managing schools, classes, instructors, and students.

Disney Mickey’s Typing Adventure is also available in CD Disc format and as a download at store.steampowered.com, Amazon.com, and other major ecommerce sites and retail stores.