Star Wars: Commander Unleashes First Player-vs.-Player Tournament


In the first Player-vs.-Player Tournament starting this week, commanders will battle their rivals in order to  their way to the top of the ranked leagues. This is the first time players will be able to go head-to-head in ranked competition for rewards and prizes. The top ranking players will earn amazing rewards in the Event Store, including:

Empire Player Rewards:

  • Shock TrooperShock Troops are elites pulled from the Stormtrooper corps and equipped with a powerful rocket launcher. They can destroy multiple walls from long range, but are slow and ineffective against turrets.
  • AT-RT Walker: AT-RTs are older walkers from the Clone Wars. Rebel tinkering has allowed them to keep pace with Imperial advances. They are fast and excellent at taking down resource buildings.

Rebel Player Rewards:

  • Rebel VanguardVanguards field powerful PLEX rocket launchers, designed to destroy walls from a distance. They can easily destroy single walls, but are slow and best used to create breaches for other unit types.
  • MTV-7: MTV-7s are capable in most terrain and more stable than AT-STs, though they lack the scout walker’s defensive capabilities. They are fast and very well suited to attack resource buildings.



Players can join the battle for control of the galaxy on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch by downloading the game from the Apple App Store at