Discover Nature with Augmented Reality in ‘Disneynature Explore’ App


Today our friends at Disney Corporate Citizenship are launching the Disneynature Explore app in preparation of Earth Month and the  release of Disneynature’s Bears!

Using augmented reality and sound recognition technology, kids can interact with 3D animals that appear in the live camera view of the device right in their own backyards or neighborhoods.

Kids can explore the worlds of five different animals, each with four unique challenges. In the activities kids will be able to catch salmon like a brown bear and follow tracks to find her bear cub, hunt a warthog with a lion, view the world from the eyes of a monarch butterfly, fish for termites like a chimpanzee and more.

Disneynature Explore also includes video clips from Sky and her cubs in Disneynature’s Bears, a parents’ page with suggestions for outdoor play and the Disneynature Journal to collect photos of each adventure.


Disneynature Explore is now available for free on the Apple App Store at: