Captain America Joins the Battle in Second Episode of Marvel’s Avengers Initiative


Today we’re debuting the second episode of Avengers Initiative featuring Captain America as he combats the masses of escaped super-powered criminals, investigates the mole within S.H.I.E.L.D., and uncovers the latest plans of the Masters of Evil. Players use agile takedown abilities and tactical shield attacks to battle their way through Hydra War Drones, Skrulls and Hydra Brutes, all leading to the ultimate test – a showdown with the master of photographic reflexes, the Taskmaster.

Hulk fans are not left out in the cold, with the new Mr. Fixit costume now also available along with performance improvements for the Hulk character. With the smash of the Hulk and the heroism of Captain America behind them, Avengers Initiative players are in for an entertaining holiday season. The new Captain America episode is available for in-app purchase at 10,000 ISO-8.Avengers Initiative is available on the App Store.