Mom Running Walt Disney World Half Marathon this Weekend to Prove Anything is Possible to Young Daughter

One of the more than 100,000 runners and spectators who have made their way to Central Florida for this weekend’s Walt Disney World Marathon is Jamie Klingaman (Austin, Tex.). Jamie, who is running the half marathon on Saturday morning despite never having competed in a 13.1-mile event, is running to show her daughter that anything is possible. When Jamie’s daughter Casey was 21 months old, she was diagnosed with meningitis. Jamie and her husband Mark were devastated as they watched their daughter lose her gross motor skills, preventing her from crawling or sitting up, as well as much of her hearing.

A month later, a miracle happened as Casey’s hearing improved significantly. While she still faces some limitations in her gross motor skills, Casey now has hearing in both ears with the support of a hearing aid. Jamie isn’t a serious runner and has never done a half marathon, but she plans to run the half-marathon Saturday to show her daughter that anything is possible and that she can overcome any obstacle.

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